Thursday 14 February 2008

Valentine Hearts

As it's Valentine's Day I had to show you photos of the hearts I've been making over the last couple of days, didn't I? I'm really pleased with the pendant (below). I did a day's workshop with Hilary Bowen ( in December and absolutely loved it. I had been promising myself a place on the course for a couple of years and the friend who wanted to come with me and I finally managed to find a date that we could both do. It was the first jewellery workshop that I had been to where I hadn't been the teacher, and it was very relaxing! I was given a starter kit for Christmas and have since bought some more clay, some of which you can see below! I've added garnet, rose quartz and peridot and hung it on a long chain. I'm making one for myself, but this one will be on the website tomorrow.
I've used silver art clay to make these heart earrings too - one small pair and one larger. I'm going to put these on the site as 'made-to-order' but I'll keep a couple of pairs in stock for those urgent orders!And lastly, another pair of silver heart and garnet earrings. I've used rounded chips of garnet in this ones rather than the drum beads that I used in these as I used the last of the drum beads in my butterfly! I love those beads though, so I'm going to have to visit and get some more! As it's been a lovely sunny (but cold!) day here today, I've had a fun day making jewellery and a fun evening teaching a workshop at Spice Art Gallery I'm extending my 10% off offer for a week - spend £50 or more on jewellery via my website before midnight on 21st February to receive 10% your order. Just use the code 'Valentine' at checkout. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Wow - you've been busy with the clay, Jo! I adore that heart pendant!

    I've just given you a 'You Make My Day Award'. See my blog for details.

    Laura x

  2. OH wow thats gorgeous Jo (well they all are but the heart pendant I mean lol)

  3. Thank you, both of you! I've been busy with the art clay again today - it really is addictive stuff!
    And thank you for the award Laura! Off to award others now....
    Jo x


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