Sunday 24 February 2008

The best laid plans....

Well, that week didn't go to plan!

I haven't posted for over a week as I've had a horrible cold that's been going round. As it was half term I've been busy teaching youth group jewellery workshops and also running jewellery making birthday parties. In between those I've been looking after B (of course!) and nursing a very sore throat. I lost my voice completely on Wednesday which meant that I was reading stories to B in little more than a whisper - which meant that he kept saying "Mummy sad" as he thought that was the reason I was so quiet! I had to keep reassuring him! Teaching on Thursday (2 jewellery parties and 1 workshop at Spice Art Gallery) was interesting as my voice kept coming and going. Those of you who have ever done any teaching without much of a voice will know that you can, for a short time, force your voice to a quiet croak, but you definitely pay for it later!

Anyway, life is back to normal now, whatever that means! Last week I didn't even have enough energy to make jewellery outside of the workshops (very unlike me!) but I still had ideas coming. This week I've got to catch up with work and hopefully try out some of the ideas. I've got some admin to catch up on and I need to do some work to my website, and I need to put together some samples for a couple of possible new outlets. Oh yes, and photograph the silver clay jewellery I made over a week ago! I've just made about 100 head pins this evening, so that's a start. I really enjoy melting the end of the wire to make headpins - it's very therapeutic!

Below is some jewellery I have managed to photograph. It's the present I made for Mum for her birthday, a byzantine chainmaille bracelet. I added a small amethyst to the clasp as it needed something extra and its her birthstone. I even made the card - I used to make lots of cards but my rubber stamps etc are mostly sitting collecting dust now that making jewellery takes up most of my craft time! I was a bit nervous about giving the bracelet to Mum as it had taken me so long to make, but thankfully she loved it!

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