Saturday 9 February 2008

Workshop day

Just a quick note before I set off for my advanced sterling silver wirework class. I enjoy all the jewellery teaching that I do - children's birthday parties, youth group sessions, classes for adults - but this class is definitely my favourite. It's an all day class so I must go and pack my lunch in a minute. I forgot it last time, which was a bit embarrassing as all the students remembered theirs! I must also remember my camera so that I can show you what everyone made.

I've finished the butterfly necklace, just need to oxisdise it and photograph it, which probably won't be until tomorrow now as it won't be light enough when I get back this afternoon. I've had to put Laura's idea of amethyst and moonstone on hold as I didn't have enough beads of the right size (how come I NEVER have enough beads?!). I've also got some studs to photograph and show you, so check back tomorrow!

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