Monday 11 February 2008

Party time

The workshop went really well on Saturday. Everyone enjoyed themselves (well, they said they did anyway and I certainly did!) and everyone made a charm bracelet and a pair of earrings. I remembered my camera.......but forgot to take any photos. How dumb was that?! Thankfully Lisa took some photos of her bracelet which she posted on the UK Beaders forum here. Thank you for your lovely comments Lisa!

I've got several jewellery birthday parties booked in the diary for the next month or so, including two during next week's halfterm holiday. Basically, I take myself, my beads and everything else we need to make beautiful jewellery round to the birthday girl's house/party venue and we then spend 2 hours making the aforementioned beautiful jewellery. The photos I've added to today's post show the most popular projects. I love running birthday parties as everyone's there to have fun and everyone goes away with at least one piece of jewellery and some skills to help them make more jewellery.

I've oxidised the butterfly pendant but I haven't had a chance to take a photo of it yet as I didn't finish polishing it until this evening. It's got freshwater pearls in so I couldn't get the tumbler to do the polishing for me! There'll be a photo of it tomorrow, promise, plus some photos of some stud earrings. I would have posted a picture of some on Sunday, but a friend popped over and bought them before I could photograph them!


  1. JO - I put fw pearls in my tumbler - no problem an hour brings everything up to a lovely shine :)

    Hurry up am waiting to see the pendant ;0)

  2. Thanks for that Jo - I'll give it a try next time!
    I've hurried - the photo's there now!


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