Sunday 7 March 2010

I love getting post....

...and I especially love getting parcels from other designers and crafters as everything gets packaged so beautifully that it's like getting a present! This is what arrived yesterday morning......

And these were the goodies inside......

Aren't they lovely? I have long admired Lisa Stevens' work (aka c-urchin) - She turns simple clay into delicate and detailed jewellery and wall art, and this week I finally treated myself to some of her pieces to use in my jewellery. The pendant (which is actually more bronze around the circles than the photo shows) will become the focal piece in a necklace - I think that some silver tube and leather cord will feature in the design too, but we'll see! The three daisy cabochons in that beautifully soft turquoise are first on my list though. I'm hoping to have some time to play with new designs next week, so I should have something to show you very soon!

I don't know quite why I'm telling you this as if you go and buy Lisa's work there won't be any left for me :P Anyway, you can find her work at and Happy shopping!

P.S. I also collected a parcel from the sorting office yesterday that made me skip round the kitchen, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that as I want to play with it first!

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  1. I'm with you!!! I looooooove getting little beady packages in the mail! It makes my day when there's a little package jammed into my mailbox. I got a c-urchin package this week, too...Lovely!!!


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