Tuesday 23 March 2010

Tutorial Tuesday - circles scarf

Spring is in the air - but it's not warm enough here yet to spend too long outside without a scarf, especially with the rain that we've had today! I've been teaching today, and we got a little wet going from the workshed into the kitchen for our lunch! My winter scarf is too long and thick and heavy though, so I decided to make a new shorter one. I'm trying to reduce rather than add to my stash of yarn, though, and wanted a scarf that I could break down into smaller steps as a break from a couple of larger projects that I'm working on..... and this was the result.

It was really easy to make once I'd worked out how many stitches I need to increase in each round, and one of the best things is that you join each circle to the previous as you go along so there isn't lots of sewing up to do at the end.

To make a scarf approximately 15cm (6") wide and 120cm ( 8 circles) long you will need -

approximately 300 yards of aran weight yarn - in the example above I used 3 different colours of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, one ball of each colour, and the example I've used in the step by step photos below I've used two balls of red Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and one ball of Rowan Lima (love that yarn!)

a 6mm crochet hook

You can, of course, substitute different weight yarns with different sized hooks, but you may need to change the increases in each round slightly to compensate, and may wish to crochet more rounds if you are using a lighter weight yarn.

Step 1 - Make a chain of 5 stitches and join them in a ring using a slip stitch

Step 2 - Chain 3 - this will be the first stitch in the round.

Step 3 - Make 11 treble stitches into the chain ring and join to the top of the 3 chain with a slip stitch. (12 st)

Step 4 - Chain 3, 1 treble into the first treble of the previous round, 2 trebles into each of the remaining 11 stitches of the previous round, join to top of 3 chain with a slip stitch. (24 st)

Step 5 - repeat the previous round (48 st)

Step 6 - Chain 3, 1 treble into the top of the first stitch of the previous round, *1 treble into next stitch, 2 trebles in the following stitch*, repeat from * to * all the way round finishing with 1 treble in the last stitch and join to the top of the 3 chain with a slip stitch. Fasten off the yarn (68 st)

Step 7 - Make a second circle in the same way but this time do not fasten off the yarn at the end. Hold the two circles with right sides facing and join them together by crocheting single crochet stitches through the next five paired up trebles of the last rounds of each circle - you will be passing the hook through both of the circles at the same time.

Step 8 - After the first 5 stitches continue in single crochet all round the first circle you made. Join with a slip stitch and fasten off. In the example, the first circle is red, the second purple. The purple yarn is joining the two circles together and then edging the red circle.

Step 9 - Make a third circle and hold it together with the second circle with right sides facing so that you will be starting the single crochet edging opposite where the first two circles are joined together. You will now be joining the second (purple) and third (red) circles and edging the second with red yarn.

Step 10 - When you get halfway round the circle you will need to pick up the back loops of the trebles from the last round of the second (purple) circle in order to complete the edging. This helps to give the illusion that the circles are overlapping each other slightly.

Continue until your scarf is as long as you wish. Edge the last circle in a contrasting yarn to continue your pattern of colours.

If anyone does make one of these please send me a picture so I can see what you've done! I hope that everything I've written makes sense - I've made up my own crochet patterns before but this is the first one I've actually written up so to be honest I'm a bit nervous about what you all think of it!

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  1. wow i love that scarf, you make it look easy, but i'm not very good at crocheting.x


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