Monday 29 March 2010

Picture weekend

Culinary experiments with B
melt 55g of butter with 400g of marshmallows
mix in 180g of rice crispies
melt 250g of chocolate (milk or dark)
spread rich crispie mix into tin lined with greaseproof paper (easier said than done!)
spoon chocolate over mix
cool in fridge

Lots of new lego cars
(still got to find wheels for two)

Potatoes waiting to sprout on the windowsill

A very useful book! I'm determined to improve my veggie growing this year!

Two hats - both for friends' husbands at their wives suggestion!
A great quick pattern that you can find here

My current main knitting project! I've nearly finished the front. The back is identical
and then the yoke will be knit across both in the round. It's an easy pattern but is taking a while as it's a bit repetitive - which is why I've got smaller projects on the go as well! You can see what it will turn out like here

New designs on the way and orders nearly complete!

Jewellery to be photographed tomorrow morning -
some new designs, some orders

And my slightly guilty secret -
the Twilight books arrived on Wednesday and I'm now halfway through Eclipse and loving it!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I am so jealous that you haven't read the Eclipse series, I wish I had all that to look forward to again! I read them last year and they were brilliant! I saw the first film and the second one should arrive via my LoveFilm account next week so at least I still have that to look forward to.


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