Tuesday 30 March 2010

Tutorial Tuesday - sewing projects

I'm halfway through a jewellery tutorial for you - the instructions are done but the photos need sorting out - but I've been busy working on a commission today. So.... I thought that I'd show you some of the sewing projects that I've got lined up. I'm hoping to get at least one of them made during the Easter holidays when I'm not teaching in the evenings. Enjoy!

1. Two Pillowcase bag - I've got the pillow cases lined up and waiting!
2. Birdie mobile - I think this would look great in a friend's new baby's room
3. Sketchbook cover - perfect for my many sketch books!
4. Patchwork tablerunner - I'm planning to make this for my dining table when it's been stripped back to it's beautiful oak


  1. Jo is there any end to your amazing talents.x

  2. Please, please dont do number 4 Ive got the material just need to pull my finger out. I know its only been a year. But I will do it promise. Hellie xx

  3. Hellie - Thank you! I remembered that I'd said I liked the table runner, but I didn't realise that you'd bought the fabric for it! Thank you!
    Eve - yes, there definitely is. There is a reason why we had soup for lunch when you came for tuition and why the only recipes you'll ever see on here are easy baking ones! My drawing skills aren't too hot either, and did you see the picture of the carrot that I posted last summer?!


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