Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Wrapped Leather Bracelets

I found this tutorial through Deci's blog after she left a comment on the earrings giveaway post last month -she makes the most amazing beaded cuffs and pendants with such tiny beads!

Anyway, I thought I'd share the tutorial for leather wrapped bracelets here too, as I'm seeing so many of these lovely bracelets about at the moment. The tutorial is well written and has some good photos, and there are also a couple of useful videos to help you too, like the one below. I haven't had time to make one myself yet, but from everything I've read you need a lot of thread and it's difficult to attach more thread neatly if you need to half way through the bracelet, so do make sure that you cut enough to start with, and use something like beeswax or thread heaven to help make the thread easier to work with. You can find the tutorial here!


  1. hi! I'm the winner of your last giveaway, you sent me mail (which made me soooo happy!) but I can't answer because of unknown error! I don't know what to do, how could I give you my address? You know, I cant post it here :(

  2. btw, thank you for this toutorial - I will try to make these amazing bracelets!

  3. Hi Pralinka!
    Probably the easiest thing to do is to go to my website (www.daisychainjewellery.co.uk) and use the contact form on there to send me your address. There's a link to the form at the top of the website, just under the banner.
    Glad you like the tutorial!
    Jo x

  4. Wow, thanks for the kind words about my cuffs! You are wonderful.

  5. Hi and thank for linking to our wrapped leather bracelet tute! It's an honor to get a shout-out in your blog. Much appreciated :)

    --Dave at Rings & Things,
    headquarters of the BeadTour bead shows...
    request your invitation!!

  6. Thank you for posting this tutorial, my
    mother-in-law gave me a wrapped bracelet to fix. I was dubious about fixing it because the bead thread had broken and I didn't want to take apart the knots on either end of the bracelet. Nor did I know how the thread was wrapped around the leather. Now I do!! Thanks!

  7. Glad I could help Danielle! Good luck with the mending!


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