Wednesday 13 July 2011


Sorry for the silence apart from the tutorial link yesterday - it's taken me a couple of days to a) recover from doing a workshop and a craft show on the same weekend and b) catch up with all the washing that I didn't do at the weekend. It's amazing how many clothes Jamie gets through now he's eating solids!

Both the workshop and Handmade Winchester went really well. All five lovely ladies on the workshop left with smiles on their faces and shiny bangles on their wrists. I love how different each bangle was despite the fact that they started off with the same choice of two thicknesses of oval wire! Handmade Winchester had a slow start but then really picked up in the afternoon. Maybe people came to us once the Farmer's Market closed? Either way, it was again a very successful day - good sales and lots of great compliments from visitors about the high standard of work everyone had on display, lots of people saying that they'd be back for the Christmas fair (Saturday 26th November - put it in your diaries!), and of course it was lovely to catch up with Helen (Blue Fairy Designs), Su (Quercus Silver) and Alice, our lovely organiser (Raspberry). Hopefully next time I'll have a helper with me and be able to catch up with more people - and do some Christmas shopping myself too of course! Typically for me I forgot to take photos of both the workshop bangles and the craft show, but if you visit the Handmade Winchester Facebook page you'll be able to see photos there! Visit

Anyway, Bead Table Wednesday - I'm hoping to make some pendants with these lovelies today, either while Jamie's napping this afternoon (he's tired due to his first swim this morning! Or should that be first splash in a swimming pool rather than a bath?!), or this evening after the boys are in bed. They are hollow lampwork beads from Outwest on etsy. Aren't they gorgeous? And big too - look!

I've made some interlinking oval rings for them to hang from, and I'm thinking leather rather than chain would suit them better. What do you think?

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  1. Hi,

    So nice to meet you. Oh goodness - you have a wonderful space to create and work. Everything is so pretty and neat and organized.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Have a lovely day.


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