Friday 8 July 2011

Handmade Winchester

It's the third annual summer Handmade Wincester Fair on Sunday! There will be over 50 stalls selling gorgeous goodies, and every single one of those goodies will have been made by the person standing behind the stall selling them. I love the atmosphere of this show. It's definitely the friendliest and most supportive one I do, partly because many of us who show and sell our work there knew each other through blogs and forums before we met in real life at the first show - it felt like a reunion, and the fairs last summer and Christmas were even better!

And if the Fair and the delights of Winchester aren't enough, Sunday is also the Winchester Farmer's Market, the largest Farmer's Market in the UK and, according to the Guardian newspaper, the best in the UK as well. All in all, a fantastic day out!

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