Monday 18 July 2011

Festival Time!

I've had so many visitors here over the last few days! So many people have joined in the Where Bloggers Create party and come to see my (usually much untidier than the photos showed) workshed, and left some lovely comments - thank you! I've really enjoyed touring round the different blogs and seeing such a variety of creative spaces, from huge basements with rows upon rows of shelves and cupboards to hold ever type of craft material that you can imagine, to corners of rooms and even a beautifully arranged alcove at the top of the stairs. It was actually the smaller ones that were my favourite - it was amazing to see how people organised whatever space they could find. I haven't quite worked through all the blogs yet. I started at the end of the alphabet, thinking that most people would go from the top down and those people at the end of the list would have a long wait for visitors. It's taken me quite a while, leaving lots of comments, but I'm up to the Cs - nearly there!

So, touring was one reason for not posting over the weekend - the Larmer Tree Festival was the other! Those of you who have been reading for a while may remember me posting about this fab weekend last year - and last year we had glorious sunshine. Ummmmm. The sun did come out to play this year, but lets just say that Ben's wellies and Jamie's buggy have now been christening with Festival mud! We had an amazing time. We only had tickets for Saturday this year rather than a long weekend, but we made the most of it. Ben and T camped on Saturday night, but I brought Jamie home as we thought that camping in the pouring rain wouldn't exactly make his first night in a tent an easy one! Ben loved every part of it - not even pouring rain got him down. He can't quite decide whether his favourite part was camping or watching "Junk", the band pictured below - his answer changes each time you ask him!

It's late, so I'm not going to write much more and I'm going to leave you with some of my favourite photos from the weekend. I'll just say that rain definitely didn't stop play, that there was almost every type of music that you could think of, crafts to take part in, sculptures made from all manner of found objects and street performers around every corner - and we will be going again next year!

I'll be back again tomorrow with a tutorial and a giveaway - and there are two sets of jewellery in the giveaway this time!

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