Tuesday 12 July 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Jewellery Roll

I was doing a bit of a spring clean of my draft posts last night. I'll sometimes go through a phase of starting to write a post and just starting to waffle and end up with nonsense that I never publish, or I'll save drafts with links to tutorials that I've found. Anyway, this is one of those tutorials that I meant to share with you many months ago - better late than never!

Angharad Handmade is a UK blog written by Helen, who describes herself on her profile as "a mother of three, supposedly a housewife, though chores don't fill me with enthusiasm. I love to spend my evenings knitting and sewing while the children sleep (in theory!)" - I can definitely relate to that! Well, not the mother of three bit, although it does seem like that with T on occasion! Helen makes lovely bags and purses and sells them in her etsy shop.

Anyway - the tutorial! Well, after making lots of jewellery from my tutorials and buying a few special pieces from my website, you need somewhere to keep them safe, don't you? Helen's jewellery roll is the perfect solution, and her tutorial comes with step by step photos that even I could follow easily - and remember that I am more of a "collect lovely fabric and great tutorials but rarely actually make them" kind of girl.

photo copyright Angharad Handmade

You can find Helen's jewellery roll tutorial here.

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