Thursday, 7 July 2011

Think I need to tidy up....

This is what happens when I have lots of things to finish off, lots of projects to work on, filing some while others are in the pickle after soldering, preparing several piece so I can solder or drill or polish them all together. Please please tell me that I'm not the only one who works like this!!

The mess been made slightly worse by the fact that until this afternoon I was only in the workshop for maybe 45 minutes at a time during Jamie's naps or after cooking (and eating!) tea etc. This afternoon, however, was Jamie's first afternoon with the childminder who has looked after Ben a couple of days a week for the past few years. I felt horrible driving away, but I know he'll love it there as his brother does and now I've spent some time hammering and soldering I FEEL SOOO GOOD!! Better mentally than I have in months, and I just know I'll sleep well tonight. And before my Mum panics about the last sentence (hello Mum!), it's not that I've been feeling horribly down about what's gone on with my health so far this year, it's that with all the hospital appointments coupled with the normal school stuff with Ben and looking after two young children I've been feeling a bit harassed, as if I've been rushing around constantly and haven't had time to stand still and take stock of things. Now I feel human again.

Amongst the tools, scrap silver and coils of wire are two new bracelets waiting for their clasps, handcrafted chains and some new earrings. I'm still using the cupcake tin to keep beads etc for projects tidy - such a simple yet effective idea! And talking about those new bracelets and chains, my first job while Jamie is napping tomorrow morning is to take some photos so I can show you my new pieces for the show on Sunday. And talking about the show, Handmade Winchester now has it's own facebook page where you can see details of the shows and information about the crafters show their wares - you can find it here -


  1. an empty desk is a sign of an ....... glad you are keeping busy Jo. have tonnes of fun at the show one year I will make it x

  2. *raises hand* My bench is just as bad!

  3. I hate to admit that that actually looks neat.... add glass rods and enamels into that mix and you have my workspace!

    Good luck this weekend... hope you do well!

  4. You are making me feel better, thank you! It's a little bit tidier now that the show is over, but I'm sure it won't take long to get back to that state again!


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