Wednesday 10 September 2008

And the winner is.....

I wrote everyone's names on bits of paper, put them in B's builder hat and he picked one out for me. Well, I had to explain the concept of picking just one out first and we got there in the end! So the winner is.....


Thank you for your lovely comments everyone, and Katy, I'll email you to get your address, and then the earrings will be speeding their way too you!

It's been a busy week - but that seems to be the norm, so I don't know why I bother saying it anymore! I went to the Design Edge trade show at Sandown Park on Monday and had a great time. I saw some fantastic gifts and jewellery, some of which I'll tell you more about later this week, and had a chat with the show organiser about having a stand next year. I left feeling very positive about my work and moving more into wholesale orders. Don't worry, I have absolutely no plans to stop the work I'm doing now, the plan is to increase the whole sale side of my business.

I've also been busy with tuition so far this week. Sunday was a silversmith tuition day, and my student made a fantastic bracelet of stars cut from silver sheet for his wife. Lots of sawing, drilling, filing and sanding involved! Another student came over last night for some wirework tuition and we were going over everything from wrapped loops to earwires and even rings. She told me that she's been selling some of her work through a local library and that it's been selling really well - congratulations Ali! I love it when people coming to my workshops start selling their jewellery successfully! I'm really lucky that I'm still able to teach something I love without having to worry about the school paperwork, marking and targets etc. Teaching jewellery making is much more relaxing than teaching ICT!

The tuition is continuing this weekend too. I've been booked by Three Jays Beading to teach my sterling silver bracelet class in Devizes this Saturday. They'll be making bracelets based on the one to the left. If you fancy making your own have a look in the workshops section on my website as I'm running that class in Southampton in October too.


  1. oh wow - I am soooo happy!!!! Thank you VERY much!!!!

  2. My pleasure Katy! I'll post them out to you tomorrow.


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