Monday 1 September 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Two years ago today I phoned Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs to register as self-employed. My full-time employment with my old school had officially ended on 31st August, and I was excited at the thought that all the wishing, dreaming, hoping and planning that I'd been doing for the previous couple of years was becoming a reality - but I have to say that the phone call was a bit of an anticlimax! It's not that I was expecting a fanfare when I registered, or that I was going to celebrate with a street party, but just having to give my name, NI number, date I started etc was just, well, too quick and easy!

It didn't take me long, though, to remember that official phone calls and form filling aren't the reason I started up Daisychain Designs - it's the excitment at making unexpected sales (one from Zurich and another from New Zealand were particularly lovely recently!), at meeting people by chance who have heard of my work and (I'm blushing now) admire what I do, at the eureka moments when a design I've spent ages perfecting comes together beautifully, at opening up parcels of gorgeousness (such as the beautiful focal bead from Mindy the other day!), at the satisfaction when a student is surprised and delighted at what they've created in one of my workshops. I can honestly say that leaving mainstream teaching and setting up the business was the third best thing I have ever done - falling in love with T and having B being joint first, of course!

Now, before I start gushing even more (although if you want to read lots more gushing go and read Kerry Bogert's gushing contest!) I have a couple of things that I hope you may be interested in. Firstly, you may have noticed that a link to sign up to my newsletter appeared at the side of my blog over the weekend. For ages now I've been sending out my newsletter using MS Outlook, and while that's worked well up until now, as my mailing list has been getting longer and longer it's become a rather inefficient method. I'm now going to be using a newsletter service to organise everything, so if you are already on my mailing list and would like to stay on it or if you would like to join up then please click on the link below or at the side. As an incentive (as if getting news of the events I'm attending, special offers and advance notice of new workshop dates and designs isn't enough!), each month I will be running a prize draw - and yes, that draw will be open to everyone, even those of you not in the UK - don't you just hate it when competitions are only open to those in a particular country?

Secondly, because it's always nice to get a little extra and because they seem appropriate (and I like making them) every order of £20 or more placed through my website during September will receive a present of a pair of little daisy studs (see right for an example). That includes workshop bookings. The studs are fine silver with sterling silver pins.

Thirdly (what a long post this is turning into!) I've got another little competition for you. If you fancy winning the earrings to the left then leave me a comment below to say hello. The deadline is a week today (8th September) and I will get T to randomly choose a winner. Again, you don't have to be in the UK to enter. The earrings are sterling silver, oxidised to give an antique effect, and freshwater pearl. If you fancy learning how to make a pair of these yourself, please visit the workshops section of the website!

P.S. Completely off topic here, and I'm probably going to jinx it now, but B LOVES his bed and has, so far, slept really well in it! There you go, jinxed it now, and we will have sleepless nights for the rest of the week!


  1. Hi, Jo! And Happy Anniversary! Love your silverwork and really love the name of your business. Aren't daisies friendly and fun?

  2. Happy Anniversary, Jo!

    One of my favourite quotes says: When you find your REAL work, it's the best fun in the world... and it would seem that you too have found your real work. We should count ourselves very fortunate, don't you think?

  3. Happy Anniversary! And what beautiful things you make!!!
    I would LOVE to win those HELLO! :)

    (and my little boy - he did so well in his bed...but now the little monster has decided Mummy and Daddy's is far nicer. If he wasn't so cute I'd have booted him out by now, but secretly I quite like waking up to his little ginger head next to mine!)

  4. Thank you both of you! Yes, Lesley, we are very fortunate!

    Katy, I can see why you find it hard to boot him out- he is cute, even with blue lips! (The rest of you, go and see Katy's blog to see what I mean!)

  5. Merry anniversary, Jo! :o)

    Gorgeous earrings.

  6. Happy Anniversary Jo !

    I hope the move to "Big Bed" continues to go well

  7. Hello Jo!

    A Very Happy Anniversary to you and your little team (The Tinley Team).
    It was good to see you again at the Show, sorry didn't get to spend much time with you as Rich wanted to play car out side.

    Also I didn’t know about your neighbour at the time either, I am sorry to hear you had some stuff times.

    Hey well done and see you soon!
    How is the little guy?
    Lol and take care!


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