Wednesday 24 September 2008

That's better!

I don't think I realised how tetchy I had been getting until I managed to sit down and start work in the shed yesterday evening! I was definitely in danger of getting into what Nicky calls a funk, and all because I hadn't had much creating time recently. Daft, isn't it? At least I'm in good company. Most of the designers (jewellery or lampwork, or indeed any craft) whose blogs I read or I know in real life say that they NEED regular time shut away in their private little kingdoms (aka workareas) in order to stay relatively sane - maybe it's something to do with all those ideas running round in their heads demanding to be put to good use? I do know that I'm much nicer to live with when I've been "playing" with my beads and silver - in fact, T has been known on occasion to tell me to take myself off into my shed! In the nicest, most caring way possible of course.

Anyway, I promised you photos, and as you can see, I've kept my promise. These are some of the daisies I made on Tuesday. They are still one of my favourite designs to make, which is very good as they are also the design that I sell the most of at the moment! Creamy freshwater pearls and lovely fresh turquoise - they will be on the website very shortly!

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  1. Yes! I know what you mean, but that's new to me. I've only begun indulging my super creative side in the last two years. I've attempted to "close shop" in prep for my move to HK, but it almost HURTS to not create. I haven't been lampworking lately and it's really bothering me. I can indulge a little in pencil and jewelry, torch....aaahhhh!!!!

    These daisies are really pretty! I love daisies.


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