Monday 15 September 2008

Eye Candy

I mentioned last week that I went to the Design Edge Trade Show at Sandown Park last Monday. I felt as if I was skiving on the way there in the train as T was looking after B! The show was quieter than expected as there were accidents on the M3 and the M25 and, apparently, problems on the Tube too, but I really enjoyed it. There were lots of lovely things to look at, great designers and crafters to chat to, and I had a chat with the show organiser about exhibiting next year.

One of the stands that really caught my eye was Naive Textile Art....well, just look at the photos to see why! Naive is run by mother and daughter team Becks and Susan Jennings who use wool, fabric and felt to create what they have termed 'jewellery pincushions' - a great way to keep your jewellery organised and on display even when you're not wearing it. My favourites are the chocolate & trinket tray jewellery box and the ice cream jewellery pincushions. I think that a few people will be getting an ice cream with their jewellery from me this Christmas! I love the fact that the pincushions are practical as well as gorgeous to look at, and that Becks and Susan obviously really enjoy what they do! I think some of my jewellery in amongst those chocolates would look perfect, don't you?!

Someone else I had a good chat with was Mary Thorp of Creative Thorp. Mary is an interior designer, and her one-time hobby of designing cards with her beautiful photos and selling prints of the photos has now developed into a family business. I love the simplicity of her photos, especially this one, a windswept white poppy. It was great having a chat with Mary as she, like me, has been lucky enough to set up a business based on a hobby that she's obviously passionate about. Go and have a browse!

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