Sunday 14 September 2008

Charm Bracelets

I had a really enjoyable day yesterday teaching my charm bracelet workshop to a group of 11 fellow bead addicts in Devizes. It was organised by the Three Jays, 3 friends who sell their beaded jewellery and teach a monthly workshop. Apart from a couple who had done some chainmaille before I don't think that any of the women had any previous experience of wirework, but they are all now the proud owners of a sterling silver bracelet and matching pair of earrings, a couple of which you can see below. Aren't they great?

B stayed at my parents on Friday night and they brought him back over yesterday afternoon, so T had most of yesterday to himself - a rare treat as any parent will know! He had a lovely lie in (I snuck out of the house at 7.30am to get to Devizes on time for the workshop, closing the door very quietly!) and then pottered about the house - I think the xbox got a lot of exercise, but he managed to do some housework too, bless him! It was my turn for a much needed lie in this morning. I've been working some really late nights recently and they've been catching up on me. I'm not complaining, mind you - it's always great to be busy when you're self employed! I think that there will be a few more very late nights between now and Christmas, though, as my diary is looking lovely and busy!
By the way, I've added a new gadget to the blog. I'm finding it a useful way of keeping up with the blogs I read regularly as it gives me a list of everyone's last post. So, if you fancy seeing when I've got a new post then click on "Follow this blog". If you choose to follow publicly then your picture will appear in the list - others can then click on it and find your blog!


  1. those are really pretty bracelets!
    I got a lovely surprise in the post today too!!! - The earrings are FAB, I love them! Thank you so much (will blog them later this week)

  2. I'm glad they arrived safely Katy!


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