Tuesday 2 September 2008

My cake... and ouch!

I forgot to post this yesterday, sorry! Nicky and her two came over yesterday and after lunch we had some cupcakes I'd made at the weekend - and because it was Daisychain's anniversary Nicky decided we had to have candles on my cake - so here it is!

The ouch part is that I gave myself my first silversmithing burn yesterday evening. It was so stupid, I'd started to heat a piece for soldering, it moved as I touched it with the piece of wire I wanted to solder to it, so put the torch down and then I touched the silver with my finger to move it back into place. How stupid!! I was lucky that I'd only just started to heat it, and just as lucky that the burn was on top of a silversmithing blister (not my first!) and so didn't actually do any harm. In fact, it's actually made the blister better, but I don't recommend this as a cure for blisters at all!

I've been able to get some time in the shed over the last couple of days and I've been experimenting. They're not ready to show you yet, but it hopefully won't be long. The experiments are currently at the "I'm not sure about this any more, it doesn't quite look right" stage, but I keep reminding myself that I thought that about the first round of these experiments and they worked out really well. You'll see what I mean soon! I've also been busy with some commissions, but you'll have to wait until the new owners have seen them before I can show you, sorry!

I am really looking forward to Thursday. It's been 3 weeks since B has been to his childminder as she had to take some time off to look after a relative. He only goes one day a week, but it makes so much difference having a whole day in which to work. B starts preschool two weeks today - and I can feel myself getting a lump in my throat as I type! I'm sure all mums say this, but it has come round so quickly. I am so torn between excitement at the thought of some more time to get things done, guilt at feeling excited and sadness at how quickly this precious time is passing. Ho hum!

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