Sunday 7 September 2008

What a week!

Yes, I'm still here! It has been a busy week of ups and downs - with hindsight not very serious downs, but ones that I'd rather not repeat all the same!

The lows first, as they explain where on earth I've been. B and I had a couple of trips to the doctors which then led to a trip to the hospital on Thursday, but he's fine thankfully! He had a rash that they eventually decided was an unusual ezecma rash, and you have to search for it now it's so much better. I did try not to panic though, when the triage nurse we saw on Wednesday called in the duty doctor who then called in the pediatrican! I was given some creams for B and asked to bring him back on Thursday, and then tried not to panic again when we were sent to the hospital. B was fantastic and took it all in his stride. We did have our humourous episodes - B won't use a potty yet (he'll sit on it happily but not yet use it!) and the hospital wanted a sample. So they said to take off his nappy and gave me a pot about a quarter the size of a potty - I'll leave the rest to your imagination!

And the highs - I did manage to finish some commissions this week, and had some nice sales. I'm very pleased that I managed to do the commission despite not having a work day on Thursday (I shouldn't have said I was looking forward to it, should I? I jinxed it!). Anyway, that's where I've been - and tomorrow I'm off to visit a trade show with a view to exhibiting there next year, so I'm off to pack my bag now!

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