Saturday 23 April 2011

More pendants - and an Easter offer!

Daintier pendants this time, but each one lovingly made with semi-precious stones and sterling silver, and each one unique - so if you see one you like, don't hang about! Especially as to celebrate two four day weekends in a row (it'll probably never happen again so make the most of it!) and gorgeous sunshine, if you enter "Easter11" at checkout you'll get 10% off all jewellery orders until midnight on Monday 2nd May.

The Russian Circles pendant is my favourite of the three, although the two turquoise pendants would go with more of my wardrobe! The stone in the Russian Circles is a Russian Blue Pietersite - it has beautiful velvety colours that you really have to see in real life to appreciate properly. I can see this being worn with a crisp white shirt and a pair of jeans - and getting lots of compliments as you wear it!

Now that I've shown these off T and I are going to sit in front of the television with our dinner and watch the new Doctor Who. We had to record it while we put the boys to bed, so if any of you have already watched it be warned - nasty things will happen to anyone who lets us know any spoilers! Altogether now.... da dalanar da dalanar da dalanar da dalanar da dalanar da dalanar da dalanar da dalanar ooo-eee-ooo oooo oooo.......... (my singing is no better in real life, sorry!)

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