Monday 11 April 2011

A Perfect Picnic Weekend

We've just had a wonderful weekend - great friends and great weather, two picnics and a BBQ! Well, in this country you really have to make the most of the good weather as it never lasts long! Our visitors, Hellie, Jamie and baby Eliza are moving to New Zealand in a few weeks time, so this was the last time we're going to see them for a while. Hellie and I were at university together - same course, same hall of residence in the first year, same house in the final year and then we shared a house again a couple of years after graduation, and we graduated 15 years ago  - although in some ways it really doesn't seem that long ago. Hellie, I'm going to miss you so much, but I'm determind we'll get out there to see you some how!
BIke Racer Ben

T set up a rope slide between two trees at our local park yesterday!

My favourite photo of Jamie so far

Mummies and children!
The perfect April blue sky!

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