Tuesday 5 April 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Spiral Wire Clasp

I thought it was about time that I revived Tutorial Tuesdays! I don't think I've done one since well before Christmas - oops!

Photo copyright Cindy Wimmer

It was seeing Cindy Wimmer's Spiral Wire Clasp that started me off again. If you haven't visited Cindy's blog Sweet Bead Studio yet, go and do so now (and come back to me afterwards, pretty please!). Those of you who buy Beads and Beyond magazine will hopefully remember the beautiful necklace that she had on the front cover of the magazine last July. I always try to use handcrafted findings in my jewellery, especially if I can make them to match the rest of the piece I've made. Cindy's Spiral Wire Clasp is quick to make, strong and, of course, beautiful - and you can find the photos and instructions here.


  1. Great link. Thanks. Good to see up up and running again. Just one question what is 16 gauge wire in mm?

  2. Hi Fiona!
    16 gauge wire is 1.29mm according to conversion tables. There's more information about wire gauges and uses on a post I wrote a while back here in the jewellery tutorials section.

  3. great to see you back , i have read that you have another little boy, hope all is well,x

  4. Thanks. Jo. I'll check out your tutorial.

  5. Hi Jo!
    Thank you for sharing the clasp tutorial and for the shout out! I appreciate it and do admire your work so!

  6. Thank you Eve! I hope you're well up there in Scotland!

    My pleasure Cindy - thank you for such a great tutorial!


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