Monday 25 April 2011

Picture Weekend

It has been a glorious Easter weekend! We've spent as much of it as possible outside, partly in the garden, partly in the local park and partly at a craft and garden show I dragged all three of my boys to in the grounds of Somerley House near Ringwood.

Counting his loot from the Easter egg hunt in the garden!

Ben spent ages lining them up for a photo call!

How about this for a wendy house?!
This was my favourite - it's got a BBQ in the middle but to me it looks as though it should house a Hobbit!

It's back to school for Ben tomorrow though. his packed lunch is waiting in the fridge, his new shoes are polished and his name inside all his new uniform (he's had a bit of a growth spurt!), his book bag and PE kit are packed and ready by the front door - just don't expect me to be this organised every school night! It's been a fantastic school holiday, partly because of the weather, but also because T now has the school holidays off work so we've been able to spend time relaxing together.

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