Friday 8 April 2011

To-do list

My to-do list for yesterday read something like this:
  • take Ben to school - check
  • feed Jamie - check
  • go to B&Q to get a couple of plumbing bits and pieces so T can finish putting the new sink in the bathroom - check
  • feed Jamie - check
  • washing, ironing, cleaning kitchen - check, check and check
  • feed Jamie - check (you get the idea!)
  • plant new hanging baskets - check
  • work on latest magazine article - check
  • catch up on emails - check
  • go to PCworld to investigate new laptops because doing the last two items on the list on my five-year-old laptop was driving me crazy - ummmm.....check.....and I ended up buying a new one.....oops!
To be completely honest with myself it was pretty likely that I would end up buying one rather than just looking. In my defence I've been promising myself a new laptop for nearly a year as my old one if painfully slow - think over 10 minutes just for the laptop to load up properly plus another 10 minutes to get the internet loaded up, and editing photos on it is a nightmare.
Anyway, I love this one! For those of you interested in these things it's a HP Pavilion dv6 (I think I've got the right name!). For those of you who are more like me it's a dark metallic red, does everything I need it to, has a built in web cam so I can Skype my friend who's moving to New Zealand (what happened to moving to Reading Hellie?!?) and is lovely!

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  1. Congratulations on the purcahse of a new computer...... Have fun with al the new toys!


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