Monday 5 January 2009


It's so cold it tried to snow here in Southampton this afternoon and it never snows here - the warm sea air generally keeps it away. B and I went to Katie and Tim's for lunch today, and Katie and I took the children for a walk on the common - well, we had to do something to walk off the chocolate muffins! It was FREEZING!! B enjoyed the playground though, and Gracie had a lovely sleep snuggled up warm in her pram - and a quick hot chocolate in the pub next to the common sitting by the fire helped to thaw us out before the walk back!

I've managed to get some much needed time in the shed over the last couple of days. I definitely get cranky without regular soldering and sanding time! I've been making chains for a new workshop project that I will let you know about over the next day or so, and I've also been finishing off a couple of pieces including the ones here. They both involve rolling leaves through the rolling mill with sheet silver. I made them before Christmas and sent them off for hallmarking with my Christmas commissions. Today was the day to sand and polish off the scratches made by the hallmarkers - they are careful with your work, but a few marks are inevitable unfortunately. The cuff will be going on to the website tomorrow, but the pendant needs some gems and chain. The last one I made ended up looking like this, but I'm not certain about the new one yet. It's slightly bigger than the original. Any requests, anyone?!


  1. Hi Jo,
    I loved the colour combo of the gems you put on your last leaf. As Spring is coming (hopefully !), I definitely think you should go with a green again - maybe peridot with rock crystal, or even a hint of pink for "buds"....

  2. what lovely jewellry!! I was a teacher too before bringing up my works in prgress!

  3. They are gorgeous!

    I've been trying to get out in my shed but it's soooooo cold in there! Unfortunately I only get time to get in there after 8pm once the kids are alseep. The other night my cushion on my chair was frozen! Is yours insulated, and if so, how? If you don't mind me asking :)

  4. Glad you like them! I think I might go with spring like colours again Vicky.
    Thank you for the visit Mrs B! I love the Christmas wreath you made for your door this year.
    And Magriet - yes, it's insulated and I've got a little heater! I'll tell you more after I've done the school run....

  5. That cuff is gorgeous Jo. Really really nice Vx


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