Friday 30 January 2009

More Blooms!

Yesterday was a busy day. I didn't manage to get out into the shed, but I did get alot done. The day started, as most Thursdays do, with dropping B off at his childminder's. I then picked up some croissants and headed over to Nicky's for breakfast - a very pleasant and civilised start to a Thursday! We even managed to get some work done too. In an ideal world we'd 'do breakfast' once a week, but real life always gets in the way and this is the first time we've managed it!

Most of the rest of the day was spent taking and editing photos and bits of admin for the two big things that I've preparing for that I still can't tell you about. I've recently downloaded a free piece of editing software that I love. I used to have to spend quite a while editing photos (using the software that came with my laptop), and spend quite a while waiting for the right daylight conditions to be able to take the photos in the first place! The camera I bought before Christmas and my folding photo studio sorted most of the problems out, thankfully, and this new piece of software seems to have solved the re-sizing issues that I was having. It's called, and it's worth checking out if, like me, you'd rather spend money on silver and beads than software!

Anyway, these are some of the photos I took, and all the jewellery shown is on the website now. As you can probably tell, I like cutting out this bloom shape! I've made myself a pair of the earrings, and I love the way that they swing when I move - I seem to be going for bolder earrings since having my hair cut short! The earrings, and the matching pendants, are available in gorgeous blue iolite and in tourmaline in rich honey shades and in pinks and greens. They, like the bloom necklace and the daisy cuffs, are made-to-order items, but I'll try to keep one of each in stock.


  1. Your photos are excellent. Love the earrings too. Don't wear them much myself though but maybe I should!I've been planning to make myself a pair of very simple hoops, but just never get round to it.

  2. Thank you both of you!
    Magriet, it's taken me a while to get to these photos, with some advice from friends and other blogs. Maybe I ought to show you some of my old photos sometime!!


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