Saturday 10 January 2009

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Do you remember this picture? I thought it was about time that I showed you a couple of the pieces that I made with them. The first is a commission piece that I can show you now as it arrived safely with it's new owner this morning! It uses beautiful lampwork beads by Canadian designer Marie-Andree Marchand linked with lengths of by double interlinked chain. I love making this chain, so it's been great having commissions using it this Christmas.

This extra long necklace was one that I finished on Wednesday (during B's first Wednesday at his childminder - I've been able to get so much done with 2 work days this week!). Single chain this time. Each link measures about 1cm across, and I've used purple lampwork beads and smoky quartz faceted rondelles. I've been toying with using purple and brown together for a month or so since seeing more clothes using that colour scheme in the shops and magazines, but what really decided me was seeing a friend's photos of Scottish heather that she took on holiday last year. So I've called this piece Heather, and I've got another piece to show you to using similar colours too - just got to take the photos of it tomorrow!

By the way, if you're in the south of the UK and fancy learning how to make your own jewellery, then Heather is an example of one of the styles of jewellery that you can make during my new workshop - I've just finalised the details and they'll be on the website on Monday. If you would like to know them before everyone else then sign up for my newsletter - I'm sending one out tomorrow, and it'll have a special offer for workshop places on it too.

I haven't ventured out into the shed today, mainly as it's been a day of household chores (such fun!), but also as it's been soooo cold here today. It's barely got above freezing all day, which I know is nothing to some of you in the States, but it's big news here! We had a burst pipe earlier this week as it's never been so consistently cold down here before. The thick frost has made the garden look beautiful though. This is some of the jasmine that smells so gorgeous outside my shed while I'm working on summer evenings!


  1. Hello! Just singed up to your newsletter. Hope it's not too late.
    The multiple ring chain necklace is so original. Very beautiful.
    It's been so cold over here too. I wear tights, socks then trousers. Then 2 t-shirts (one short and one long) then a sweater. I am still cold!

  2. Hi Kyoko. I saw from your blog that you'd had some snow in London over the weekend! Thanks for signing up - your in the draw for the earrings!


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