Thursday 29 January 2009

Calling number 16!

I've just asked T to give me a number between 1 and 18, and he came up with 16, so counting from the first comments left on Monday's giveaway post that means that our winner is........


Stephanie, if you could email me your address please then I will wrap the earrings up safely and pop them in the post for you.

Thank you everyone who left a comment - and for all your cures for colds! My favourite is still Kelly's chocolate one, but Vicky's idea of no housework came a very close second! Glueandglitter, my immune system is thankfully pretty darn good after so many years so teaching, so these must have been strong germs to get to me! The cold has almost gone now, thankfully.

I've just come back from a rare night out with the girls. These particular girls are friends that I used to teach with. Most of us have moved on from the school that we worked at together, either for promotion or for families. We don't get together as much as we'd like to, but it's always great when we do. I think we were definitely the noisiest table in the pub! I'm off to bed now, though, as B's waking up earlier than usual at the moment. I will be back tomorrow with some of the photos that I took today - it's been a day of admin and uploading projects!

P.S. A note for Vonnie - I accidently pressed the wrong button and lost your comment - sorry! You were still in the draw, though, as I gave you number 4, the number of the comment that I added to Monday's post.


  1. Heehee no worries Jo!

    Congrats Stephanie :D

  2. I managed to press the right button this time!

  3. Glad the cold has almost gone and glad the chocolate tip was useful ;o)

  4. Yippee - I won your lovely earrings - thank you so much. I can't wait to start wearing them, they look so gorgeous. Once again many, many thanks.

    Stephanie x

  5. HaHa - the no housework thing is great - trouble is I've got it all to do now :(
    Have a good weekend.


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