Thursday 15 January 2009

My latest!

My inlaws gave me a work station for my dremel drill for Christmas - isn't it lovely?! It turns the dremel into a drill press and will make polishing a lot easier too. I spent some time this afternoon moving things about to make room for it and then dragged T out to the shed so that he could admire it. He made some "yes, lovely, dear" noises - then we stopped, looked at each other, and realised what a role reversal it was - then T went inside saying something about doing some ironing!


  1. I have that work station, and it's probably the best investment I ever made. No more trying to drill straight holes in'll definitely enjoy it!

  2. Hee, hee...that was a funny comment about role reversals. Did he actually do the ironing?

  3. Unfortunately no! That was my job last night! Mind you, he is building me an understairs cupboard so I guess I can't complain!
    Dan, it is great, isn't it?


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