Sunday 25 January 2009

Full Bloom

This week has been a week of finishing projects, taking photos and general admin. I've had a few new designs on my desk that have needed simple things like sanding, polishing, bails soldered on, that kind of thing, so I've been strict with myself - no new projects (except commissions!) until they're finished! The one that I'm particularly pleased with is this necklace. It was one of those rare ideas that worked perfectly from sketch book to finish - often ideas want to be adapted as I work on them! It's on the website now as the latest in my Bloom made-to-order designs.

Today has been a workshop day - the ladies who came to play with beads and wire today made beautiful charm bracelets and matching earrings. The next workshop is on this coming Wednesday and that's full , but if you fancy coming for the one after that in February to make a pair of sterling silver earrings, see here for details!


  1. Beautiful necklace! Love the simplicity of the design!

  2. Very classy! I want to enamel it (though I don't know how to enamel...)! Hmmmmm *plots new resin enamelling technique*


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