Wednesday 14 January 2009

Daisies in progress

As promised, here are some photos! Not of finished work, though, but of work in progress. The first photo shows how I left my desk at the weekend, and I was finally able to get back to it this morning! I've been spending half my workshop time this month working on commissions, and the other half working on designs that I've had planned for ages but didn't have the time to do before Christmas. These daisies will be earrings. I cut out the daisies by hand, drilled a hole in the middle and then threaded through a wire 'stem'. The end of stem that you see inside the daisy was melted to form a ball, and I've soldered the stem in place. The earrings just needed more sanding and polishing and the earwires finishing this morning, and they're sitting in the tumbler being polished as I type. You can just about see a couple of silver birch bangles that need a bit more hammering in the background too.
Yet more daisies! This time for a necklace that I've had sketched out for months. This is how I've left my desk this evening, and tomorrow I want to drill some holes, pierce (ie saw inside the design) some detail and then do lots of sanding and polishing. I've got to do some admin and photo taking tomorrow too, but I'm also hoping to make another pair of daisy earrings like the ones below - these were a Christmas commission, and I liked them so much that they're going to be a made-to-order design too.

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  1. Loving the daisy design Jo, simple but very effective. I can't wait to see how the necklace turns out - looks like it is going to be a stunner Vx


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