Saturday 31 January 2009


You may have noticed that over on the left of this blog there are links to 3 wirework tutorials that show you how to make eye loops, wrapped loops and coils. These are the instructions that I print out for my students on the sterling silver workshops, and they are free to download - all you have to do is go through the website and add them to your shopping basket. Once you've checked out (and haven't had to pay for them :) ), all you have to do is click on the download button on your order details. Virtually all wirework techniques are built on these three basic ones, and the bracelet and earrings are examples of some of the workshop projects I'm teaching over the next couple of months.

I had realised, though, that the number of photos on the tutorials was making them very slow to download for some people, so I've just been through everything and compressed the photos i.e. made the memory space they take up smaller. They're still good quality when you print them out, but they download in a fraction of the time.

So, for fast downloading, step-by-step photographic tutorials click this way. Just remember the health warning that I give to everyone who comes to my workshops - making your own jewellery is very very addictive....afterall, how do you think I got to the stage of making a business out of it?!

By the way, I'm halfway through writing up a couple of new tutorials - one for earwires and a project one for a pair of earrings. I planning some on making clasps and how to oxidise silver too. Let me know if you've got any requests!


  1. I really love your ear wires so would be very interested in one of those. Another thing I would be interested in learning is making your own ball headpins.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fantastic!!! OK, I am so easily side-tracked. I will definitely check on your tutorial. What an amazing idea! Thank you for sharing your wonderful techniques.


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